Oct 23/20

Mayco International FCA’s Interior Supplier of the Year 2020

Mayco International LLC Honored by FCA as 2020 Supplier of the Year  10/23/2020 - Mayco International was named FCA Supplier of the Year in the category of interiors during the virtual 2020 North American Annual Supplier Conference and Awards program held on Oct. 23, 2020. The FCA Supplier of the Year awards recognizes companies that have shown exceptional commitment to...Read more

Oct 13/20

Commercial Plastic Recycling: How Your Company Can Profit by Recycling Scrap Plastic

  When your company has scrap plastic, it has three options for disposal: incineration, disposal in a landfill, or recycling. Our World in Data conducted a study comparing the three options. Recycling is the best option, having the lowest impact on global warming and energy use. Disposing of scrap plastic in your commercial waste hauling is expensive. So, you can slash...Read more

Oct 02/20

How Rapid Prototyping Is Changing the Automotive Industry

In any production line manufacturing business improving efficiency is a top priority. Using 3D design data and printing radio prototyping creates scale models. Improving technology and production efficiency can be accomplished using rapid prototyping. This method allows automobile manufacturers to efficiently craft high-performance models. So, let's look at how innovative automotive solutions impact the manufacturing industry. Rapid Prototyping in the Auto Industry...Read more

Sep 28/20

4 Ways to Make Your Organization More Environmentally Conscious

It's no secret that the world's climate has drastically changed over the past few decades. Fortunately, companies across the entire world are taking steps toward making their operations more environmentally conscious. Not everyone knows the best ways to go about it, though. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we’ve got you covered. Let's take a look at everything you need...Read more

Sep 22/20

Meet Mayco International’s Industrial Designers

Step into the Design Studio Mayco International is a full service supplier whose department capabilities span from design to distribution. Before any of our products see the assembly line, we have an insanely talented team of designers bringing our client’s concepts to life. From center consoles to entire interiors, meet the creative masterminds in Mayco’s very own design studio, interviewed...Read more

Sep 10/20

Employee Spotlight: Teresa Thompson

Employee Spotlight This week our employee spotlight shines on our Quality Team. Today we have the honor of praising the work of Lead Quality Engineer Teresa Thompson otherwise known to many as “Taz”. Teresa has been with Mayco since 1988 and if you wanted to track her career path with Mayco don’t try to do it without a road map. “Taz”, who averages about...Read more

Sep 09/20

What Materials Can Be Used in Injection vs. Compression Molding?

Leading manufacturers have long considered, which process is superior for increasing productivity, making reliable parts in less time, and with lower overheads. We’re talking about compression molding vs injection molding. There are advantages and disadvantages to both processes. So, continue reading to find out more… What’s Injection Molding? This is one of the most popular means of manufacturing molded rubber products. Injection molding involves...Read more

Aug 31/20

Latest Trends in Automotive Cockpit Design and Technology

As the world of technology continues to advance, so will the designs of our vehicles. When it comes to the car cockpit, various trends are being implemented across the industry. This will begin to appear in the near future. Join the revolution and become a part of creating these futuristic vehicles. Therefore, to enhance the customer riding experience every time...Read more

Aug 26/20

The Top 5 Innovative Automobile Solutions Shaping the Industry

  We're living in a world of ever-evolving technologies. It's safe to say; the automobile industry is certainly a sector demonstrating constant innovation. So, in this article, we're going to delve into this subject in greater depth. We're going to discuss five innovative automobile solutions that are shaping the industry as we know it today. Let's dive in! 1. Predictive...Read more

Aug 21/20

Jahed Ahmed Brings ESL Education to Thousands of Students in Bangladesh and United States

I feel great when I see that HEXA'S is the best ESL school in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Every year thousands of students are learning the English language from HEXA’S. Jahed Ahmed has been a part of the Mayco family since 2016. From the start, Jahed has been driven. Over the years, Jahed has worked his way up to Quality Teach, a...Read more

Aug 07/20

5 Tips to Improve Your Production Efficiency

[caption id="attachment_5246" align="aligncenter" width="2000"] Industry 4.0 and Augmented reality for industry concept. Robotic and Automation system control application on computer screen on automate robot arm in smart manufacturing background.[/caption] If you run a production line of any sort, improving your production efficiency is a top priority. The success of your company depends on the way you manage your assembly lines....Read more

Aug 05/20

How to Improve Technical Communication With Suppliers and Vendors

The world of logistics is slowly changing, and one such welcome trend is that companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of improving communication with their suppliers. In fact, 60% of companies consider communication one of their top five supply chain priorities. When you consider how imperative it is for streamlining the supply chain, this is hardly surprising. Failure to connect and build...Read more

Jul 30/20

The Role of Sustainable Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry

In recent years, sustainability has become a significant talking point for manufacturers around the world. So, with consumer behavior increasingly shifting towards environmental conscientiousness, the automotive industry has had to adapt. Consequently, sustainable practices are now commonplace. The industry is finding ways to recycle. There's also a continuous push for lighter-weight vehicles with greater fuel efficiency. In light of that,...Read more

Jul 28/20

What’s the Best Lightweight Material for Car Manufacturing?

You don't need us to tell you that car manufacturers are always searching for fresh ways to produce groundbreaking vehicles. As such, the hunt for the best lightweight interior materials is greater than ever! Take natural and carbon fibers, for instance. Both these lightweight materials are increasingly popular for their sustainability and lightness. That said, car manufacturers are also trying to use...Read more

Jul 09/20

Meet the Autonomous Driving Companies That Are Fueling the Future

  Autonomous driving still has a futuristic ring to it. It's akin to flying cars and helpful home AIs. However, in today’s age, several companies are pushing boundaries where autonomous driving technology is concerned. Excitingly, it's no longer a plot of fiction. Instead, vehicles that don’t need human operators are becoming more plausible as these autonomous driving companies continue to...Read more

Jul 07/20

The Top Advantages of Natural Polypropylene for Automotive Manufacturing

With increasing concerns about the economy and environment, lighter weight materials in the automotive industry have become a priority. Fuel usage can be reduced by an estimated 5%-7% with a 10% reduction in vehicle weight. Less fuel creates fewer emissions, and cars become more sustainable and cost-effective to run. Auto manufacturers already use light materials like aluminum and carbon fiber. However,...Read more

Jun 29/20

What Is Quality Control in the Automotive Industry and Why Is It Important?

Companies that manufacture products on a large scale reap the benefits that come with high-volume sales and strong market presence. This fact in itself is what makes quality control so important to prioritize. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we’ve got you covered. Let's take a look at everything you need to know. So, What Is Quality Control? As...Read more

Jun 22/20

These Are the Autonomous Vehicle Companies Developing Driver-Less Cars

The race is on for autonomous vehicle companies. There are over 80 companies testing more than 1400 self-driving cars on U.S. public roads right now. And if you're invested in the future of autonomous vehicles, you're dying to know if you're betting on the right horse. But from where we're sitting, it's too close to tell. And too many factors are...Read more

Jun 15/20

An Overview of the Current State of the Automobile Manufacturing Industry

The United States automotive manufacturing sales slightly declined in 2019, the market was on solid footing. Over 17 million vehicles were sold, good for the 5th best year in history. Unfortunately, the coronavirus has put a temporary hold on positive sales data. Due to the global pandemic, sales are forecasted to decline by 27% in 2020. This may sound discouraging to investors...Read more

Jun 04/20

The Future of Automotive Marketing, Distribution, and Selling

  The automotive industry is a significant player in the global and American economies. In fact, it was a major contributor towards lifting America out of its last financial crash. But, despite that, this industry is long-known for its high costs and poor service, with an aggressive selling process that often leaves customers wanting. However, we're pleased to report that...Read more

May 12/20

The Basics of Automotive Suppliers: Why Choosing the Right Supplier Impacts Your Business

[caption id="attachment_4985" align="aligncenter" width="2000"] of beautiful modern car close up in the cabin.[/caption] Choosing the right automotive suppliers can have a huge impact on the quality of your business. But if you don’t know too much about the industry of automotive supplying it can be tough deciding which companies to buy from. We’re here to tell you a bit more...Read more

May 08/20

New Car Technology You Should Add to Your Vehicles

  Usually, the best driving experience has complex electronics and features. After all, many new technologies can be gimmicky and unnecessary. However, there’s also new car technology that wows enthusiasts. But which features are worth it? We’re here to highlight some amazing automotive tech that’s both useful and impressive. Keep reading for the next best technology! Advanced Heated Seats Sure, heated seats...Read more

Mar 20/20

A Letter From The President: Our COVID-19 Commitment

COVID-19 Commitment March 17, 2020 Mayco International’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak includes a commitment to communicate all actions clearly.  We are continuing to deep clean our facilities for the health and safety of our employees. The following is a list of the actions that Mayco has already taken in response to the virus. In addition to normal housekeeping, additional...Read more

Jan 28/20

Cost-effective Plastic Compression Molding: In Automotive Manufacturing

Overall, composites have steadily become a more integral part of the automotive industry. Composite parts are likely to be more prevalent this year than any of those previous. Plastic compression molding machines are a significant component of car parts production. Why Composites? Fuel efficiency is an ongoing pursuit among car manufacturers. Composites are lightweight and well-suited to maximize overall performance...Read more

Jan 21/20

Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers Provide Parts for Top Car Companies

Regardless of whether its running a larger enterprise-level automaker or a local operation handling custom jobs, engineering work will need to be done. Few companies have a sufficient number of technical specialists on staff to do this in-house. This is why working with outside third-party automotive services will get the job done. Tier 1 Automotive Capabilities  Global Tier 1 automotive...Read more

Jan 13/20

The Benefits of Using Automotive Lightweight Material in New Cars

Today, more car manufacturers are turning to automotive lightweight materials when making cars and trucks for sale. There are many reasons for this change from heavy to lightweight material. Look at a few examples. Improved Fuel Economy When a manufacturer uses lightweight materials when making vehicles, it increases the fuel economy of a vehicle. The lightweight material will be used...Read more

Jan 10/20

Best Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Traits

  Finding the right tier 1 automotive supplier for your product needs can be a challenging process. Engineering capabilities, facilities, logistics, quality and more require careful evaluation. However, a leading supplier candidate typically emerges when certain criteria are met. The following are qualities of a world-class global automotive and manufacturing engineering company. Global Reach A supplier with a strong presence...Read more

Oct 18/19

Mayco International Welcomes Students For Manufacturing Day 2019

Manufacturing Day 2019 On Friday, October 4th, our team participated in the annual "Manufacturing Day". Mayco Sterling Heights welcomed 120 students from Stevenson, Eisenhower, and Utica High Schools. A national program that looks to connect young people with opportunities in the manufacturing industry. Macomb County has one of the largest concentrations of participating companies in the U.S. For many of...Read more

Sep 30/19

Create the Quietest Cars: Why Car Companies Are Making Their Cars Quieter

Do you know that a diesel truck that’s 50 feet away generates more than 90 decibels of noise? Any noise greater than 85 decibels can lead to permanent hear loss! Loud cars are very irritating. Imagine you not being able to listen to your favorite music because your car is overwhelmingly loud. Car manufacturers are currently using innovative technology to...Read more

Sep 26/19

Car Weight Reduction: Reducing Automotive Interior Weight With a High-End and Tech Interior

The word "lightweight" is on every auto manufacturer's lips lately and for good reason. Lightweighting, or reducing the weight of a car, is essential for staying competitive in an evolving market. The results of this change in thinking can be dramatic. For example, the world's most popular truck, the F-150, dropped 700 pounds by switching to an aluminum bed and...Read more

Sep 09/19

The Electric Car Industry Is On the Rise: Why Your Company Should Tap Into This Market

Despite the huge benefits that electric cars can bring, many automakers and auto dealers continue to put these cars on the back burner. If recent reports are anything to go by, the electric car industry is on the rise as more drivers look for more efficient vehicles. Here's why and how your company can tap into this market. Reasons to Venture into...Read more

Aug 29/19

The Latest Advancements in Electric Car Technology

Electric cars are taking over the market. They seem to be everywhere and are easily one of the biggest up-and-coming parts of the car industry today. With electric car technology advancements, there are plenty of things you can talk about. We are going to focus on some of the main things that you want to look out for in the...Read more

Aug 21/19

10 Ways Automotive Companies Are Taking On Waste Reduction

Global waste volumes will increase by 70 percent by 2050 based on the current waste levels. This surge is due to rapid urbanization and growing populations. While it’s almost impossible to be completely free from waste, there need to be measures aimed at waste reduction. The auto industry, in particular, has been in the lead in countering waste production. In...Read more

Aug 19/19

The Global Automotive Industry Outlook: The Future of the Worldwide Auto Industry

The automotive industry is facing big changes both in buyer demand and technological advancements. Coming off a year that slumped in growth, 2019 may not have the needed answers. Instead, it may produce even more trouble for the industry outlook. There are several variables that could impact the auto industry. There is none greater than President Trump toying with the...Read more

Aug 07/19

The Self-Driving Auto Revolutions: How to Profit From Driverless Cars

Car manufacturers are going all in on driverless cars. Many of these futuristic self-driving automobiles on our roads now. We can expect it’s going to get better for the transportation industry. When analysts talk about their realistic takes on driverless cars, they always say it’s too early. They are right, in part. The self-driving car is in its infancy, needing...Read more

Jul 25/19

Shrilk: How This New Biodegradable Material Is Changing The Way We Engineer

About 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year, half of this used only once. 4.8-12.7 million metric tons of plastic end up in the oceans annually. Basically, if something is not done, we are going to have too much plastic garbage in our hands. Plastic takes a long time to disintegrate. Researchers at Wyss Institute have, however, developed...Read more

Jul 18/19

What Are Cars Made Of? 10 Of The Top Materials Used In Auto Manufacturing

Over the past decades, cars were not economical or efficient. In fact, the only important aspect was functionality. However, this is not the case now as people are opting for more efficient and safer automobiles. Do you know that having a car made from the most efficient materials will help in fuel consumption while still provide the necessary safety features?...Read more

Jul 03/19

5 Ways 3D Printing Fits the Mold Injection Process

Are you looking for some unique and high-quality products? Then the use of 3D printed injection molds will ensure that you have only the best products on the market. The global market for injection molded plastics is valued at $325 billion. The global market for 3D printing plastics is $335 billion, while the global market 3D printing metal is $334 billion. You...Read more

Jul 03/19

Clay Modeling: Why Clay Modeling Remains Relevant in a Technology-Driven Industry

Automotive Design Automobiles have developed to a point of extreme sophistication. They can drive, park, and find locations on their own in some cases. Heck, humans have even shot a vehicle into space. Despite the rampant advances in technology, automobiles still have a pretty simple element in their make up. On the design end of things, automobiles are still fleshed out...Read more

May 28/19

Mold Coatings: Solving the Sticky Parts

Are you a knowledgeable mold coatings user or buyer? Perhaps you want to learn more about mold coatings in general? We are here to provide you with the mold coatings information you never knew you needed. Mold coatings is a very important topic for anyone dealing with the protection and quality of machines and parts. We offer some of the...Read more

May 21/19

Green On All Fronts: How to Make a Business Environmentally Friendly

The automotive industry has invested $63 billion over the past 10 years towards sustainable business practices. This investment contributed to a 24% reduction in production emissions over this time. These reductions are a great start towards green initiatives. There's still room to cut down on the automobile industry's environmental impact though. By implementing new technologies and creating processes that can...Read more

May 14/19

What Is IATF 16949 and How Does It Make for Better Automobiles?

Whether you're a car lover or a car driver, it's impossible for you to ignore the design details of your dashboard. Your automaker specified this look, designed the instrument panel, and ordered it from a reliable company. So, after the designer drew these parts, an engineer modeled them, and a company manufactured them, as they appear in your vehicle. If...Read more

May 07/19

The Coming Revolution of Electric Cars

With environmental experts sounding the alarm about climate change, electric cars may represent one way to help stop an environmental disaster. Now, some industry experts are predicting that more than 50 percent of all new cars will be electric by 2040. What does this mean for the auto industry, manufacturers, and consumers? Which models represent currently the best electric cars? Mayco International discusses the...Read more

Apr 30/19

Lessons Learned: Using Past Problems for Future Excellence

Picture that classic film, Groundhog Day. Now imagine it's your life, and every single day you go to work to make the same mistakes. Every day you relive the same miserable consequences from the same ill-thought decisions. To us, it sounds like hell on earth. Like living on a cruel corporate mouse-wheel. Sadly, this is exactly how many companies spend their...Read more

Apr 23/19

Injection Mold Maintenance: From Afterthought to Prevention

Injection molding is a big business. Experts expect growth in the injection-molded plastic market. They predict it to increase by over 5.7 percent until 2023 in the automotive sector. If you want to make high-quality parts, then you need high-quality machinery. But repairing such machinery can become expensive over time. How can you reduce these inflated costs and keep your machines running for...Read more

Apr 16/19

Thin Walled Plastic Injection Molding: How to Do It Faster, Better, Stronger

There are many interesting trends in the manufacturing industry. Experts have noted that domestic manufacturing is making a comeback. Labor costs overseas combined with shipping costs are increasing to such an extent that they are neutralizing any cost advantages. Even though there are changes in the industry, plastic injection molding is here to stay. That's because it is one of...Read more

Apr 09/19

Giving Back: 7 Tips on Helping Your Business Impact Your Community

Business Impact Analysis Research has shown that most Americans prefer the experience of shopping with a small, local business. This is just one of the many ways these businesses enhance their community. A quick look at your business impact analysis can show you where you have room to impact your community as well. Looking for ideas on how you can...Read more

Apr 02/19

Could Natural Fibers be the Future of Automotive Manufacturing?

Up to 20% of the impact a vehicle has on the environment can be linked to the manufacturing process. With growing concerns for the planet, the car manufacturing industry is preparing to do its part by using greener technologies. These include the use of carbon fiber cloth. In this article, we're going to dive deeper into this subject. Read on to find...Read more

Mar 26/19

Here Is Everything You Need to Know About Blow Molding

Blow molding can be found around you and you don't even know it. That soda that your drinking has a plastic bottle, which was blow-molded. In the United States, The plastics industry is the 3rd largest manufacturing industry. Plastics make our lives easier and help us produce things more cost-effectively. But what exactly is it? And how does it work? Read...Read more