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mission statement

It is our mission to be recognized as the tier 1 automotive supplier of choice in the development, validation, tooling, and manufacturing of complete interior and exterior systems and modules.

Who we are

Mayco International Automotive Supplier

Headquartered in Michigan with affiliates around the world, Mayco International is situated to provide its customers with an advanced automotive interior supplier.

automotive interior supplier, automotive interiors jobs, automotive plastic suppliers

Our experienced and dedicated workforce provides our customers with superior engineering, design, validation, tooling, and manufacturing. Mayco International is a stand-out leader in “art to part” delivery to the global automotive market.

We have a broad range of expertise including automotive interior supplier and exterior systems, automotive design and engineering, automotive plastic suppliers, tooling, and a full range of prototyping and validation services.

Mayco International’s non-automotive arm is active in building construction, wind energy, and electronics.

How we got here

Our history

Mayco International, LLC got its start in October of 2006 when the assets of Mayco Plastics, Inc. were acquired by an established automotive supplier. Since then the company has continued to grow rapidly both domestically and internationally, taking on new interior, exterior, and engineering programs as well as expanding our non-automotive products.


The roots of Mayco International/Venture Global date back to 1974 with the founding of Venture Industries, a designer and manufacturer of molded parts for the automotive interior supplier, exteriors, and automotive plastic suppliers & composites.


Mayco has achieved numerous quality awards such as the Grand Award for Innovation and Chrysler’s Gold Award.


Through our global network of strategic partnerships, Mayco International can offer full-service art-to-part capabilities from design to delivery.

The company achieved quality certifications such as QS-9000, ISO-14001, and numerous quality awards followed such as the Grand Award for Innovation from the Society of Plastics Engineers, and Chrysler’s Gold Award for Superior Supplier Performance.

saving the planet


Mayco International is committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible way.

Mayco International is committed to environmental responsibility. We are investing in materials, processes, and projects that improve our efficiency and benefit our community and environment. Here are some of the ways that we are creating positive change in our industry.

automotive interiors jobs, automotive interior supplier, automotive plastic suppliers

"We believe in meeting the needs of our customers and the needs of our planet."— Nick DeMiro, Mayco International President

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To be good stewards of our natural resources and raw materials, we begin by blending the maximum percentage of post-consumer recycled materials with virgin plastics to make every part. For every kilo of virgin plastics that we replace with recycled materials, we can save 50L of water. Mayco recycles all scrap produced in the manufacturing process. Recycling scrap material saves as much as two times the energy it would take to burn that material in an incinerator.

Water conservation is important to us, so in our new facility in Mexico, we have installed state-of-the-art systems that yield annual water savings of over two million gallons.

We are also committed to creating environmentally friendly products and promoting the use of renewable energy. Our affiliates in South Africa are producing 300kw wind turbines that are more cost-effective and can be more easily deployed, than some of the larger wind turbines on the market.

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Improving our planet means improving the lives of people everywhere, and to that end, we have developed a low-cost housing system that will bring safe and solid homes to some of the world’s poorest areas. Our PVC-based construction materials are being used to build houses that can be erected quickly, moved from one site to another, are leakproof, fire resistant, and repel most insects. These homes are extremely cost-effective and, when no longer needed, are fully recyclable. They are currently in use in Southern Africa, the Philippines, and Central America.

good at what we do

Awards & Recognition

As a Tier One supplier of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, we feel proud to be part of the most awarded SUV of all time.

The Premium icon of the Jeep brand continues to win over the opinion of leading publications, television and online media outlets, journalist associations, and industry organizations. A consistent thread in each award includes world-class interior design and outstanding quality. To read about all the different awards Jeep Grand Cherokee won here.

  • 2022 Supplier Diversity Excellence Award


  • 2020 Excellent Technology and Development Award


  • 2020 Interior Supplier of the Year


  • 2019 Interior Supplier of the Year - Runner Up


  • 2018 Supplier of the Year Finalists - Foundational Principles


  • 2016 National Safety Award

    Accident Fund

  • 2014 Durango Launch Award


  • Supplier of the Year - Finalist


  • Superior Supplier Performance

    Chrysler Gold Award

  • Grand Award for Innovation

    Society of Plastic Engineers

the core

Our Values

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The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. —Helen Keller

The importance of vision can never be underestimated. The proverbs writer links it directly to survival, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” Hopefulness itself comes from vision and Mayco International looks to the future of manufacturing with great hope and excitement as new lighter and more sustainable materials are developed to be used for new technologies and products that excite the imagination. We embrace the future and envision Mayco International as playing a continuous role through innovative ideas and practical solutions for our ever-changing world.

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Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right is the highroad to pride... —Margaret Thatcher

We are proud of our company. Proud that we continue to do what is right no matter how difficult, and proud that we continuously grow and improve by doing so. Discipline and dedication to being the best make us proud and spur us on to greater heights. Having fun being the best and proving it, is a dynamic source of pride for all of us here at Mayco International.

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It's not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that counts. —J.M. Laurence

Mayco International respects families. Families work together for common goals. There is so much satisfaction with harnessing the energy of a group of people to solve a problem or simply meet the requirements of the day. Our Mayco family has this privilege. More importantly, our company understands that all of the efforts put forth here at work are the means to the greater end of supporting and strengthening families in turn strengthening the community. Relationships matter most and Mayco International will always value Family.

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It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong. —Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Mayco believes that “to do something right” is universally understood. While there are differences of opinion on the mechanics of getting a job done, there is a shared consensus on what it means to do the right thing at the right time. On the rare occasions where there is a question of what is right or wrong, our code of ethics and open door policy allow our employees to openly discuss issues to prevent a culture of secrets. Integrity is commonly defined as being honest, trustworthy, and upright but an equally viable definition of integrity is the “quality or state of being complete or undivided”. Integrity is the natural lynchpin or glue that holds us all together and allows us to do the right things to grow our company and provide our customers with outstanding products.

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