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Mayco International is a global Tier 1 automotive supplier to automotive companies. We use the latest technologies, materials, and concepts to provide our customers with state-of-the-art interior modules.

From art to part

In our Art, to Part approach, we provide design, advanced engineering, tooling, manufacturing, assembly, sequencing, logistics, and systems integration services. Mayco International begins each project by engaging every department of our enterprise so that our customer’s end product surpasses expectations. Your drawing board ideas or sophisticated design and our entire company will ensure that you have your final production pieces in the quantities required, at the right time for the right price.

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Start with our

Pre-conceptualization services

  • A design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.–Brenda Laurel

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    Nothing that is, or has been, happened without design. We can develop a workable design based on a sophisticated prototype or simply an idea on your drawing board. Our designers have the creativity, experience, and knowledge to design with the goal of quality, cost-effective manufactured parts or products that exceed the expectations of our customers.

  • To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.–unknown

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    If design drives everything, engineering applies the brakes when necessary. Our engineering department deals in the practical. It is the job of our engineering staff to consider issues of safety, environmental impact, feasibility, costs, and many other issues of practicality as they work to bring the concept to reality. Our engineering staff is ready to meet any challenges a design may present while at the same time adhering to quality standards and remaining compliant with regulations. Our commitment to our customers is our dedication to collaborative problem-solving to keep a project on track and to ensure a timely Art to part process.

  • You can’t improve what you don’t measure.–Michael Hyatt

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    Our validation team gets right to work with your prototype. State-of-the-art labs, including modeling and 3D printing, can quickly bring your vision to a prototype that can be held, tested, and reworked until it is ready for tooling. Our validation team employs exhaustive testing and builds the prototype to perfection so tooling and manufacturing can seamlessly begin production. Art to Part!

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Build it with our

Cutting-edge Technology


Essential to Art to Part is our tool and die, team. Our team employs experts in the tooling industry to build tools to exact specifications. Our machinists are involved from concept to completion. We are dedicated from the beginning of every project to producing precision tooling ready and reliable for mass manufacturing to begin. In the Art to Part process, quality world-class tooling is essential: and we deliver!

A manufactured product is a physical embodiment of human energy, a testimony to the magical ability of our species to take raw materials and turn them into things of use, value, and beauty.– Kevin McCloud


At Mayco International there is nothing so satisfying as watching formless raw materials enter a press to be removed seconds later as a functional product to be placed into the stream of commerce. Our manufacturing division and partner manufacturers produce quality parts to ship or to be assembled here into the desired end product. We pride ourselves on producing our customer’s desired quantities within required timeframes and our quality engineers and inspectors ship only parts or products that meet stated quality standards. Manufacturing is the pinnacle of Art to Part and motivates our entire base of operations.

Finishing stronger than ever

Sequencing & Logisitics

You will not find it difficult to prove that battles, campaigns, and even wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics.–Dwight D. Eisenhower


We don’t consider a job to be completed until quality, inspected parts or products arrive safely and Just in Time to their intended destinations. Our assembly and sequencing departments dedicate themselves to our customer’s timetables. All of our parts or products are expertly packaged and secured, and with our partner logistics professionals, we are then ready and able to safely ship products across the globe or the street; wherever and whenever the product is needed. Art to Part with Just in Time delivery, that is our promise!

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